Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dreams: The Blueprints of Reality

Hello everyone!

I want to talk about lucid dreams, and whether or not they are real. Let us start off with the definition of lucid dreaming; most would define lucid dreaming as becoming aware in a dream in which what you are experiencing is not real. I do not believe that is what lucid dreaming actually is, but rather I believe that lucid dreaming is becoming aware in the dream that what you are experiencing is your own manifestation. Skeptics would probably come back to me and tell me that that definition outright proves that dreams are not real, because if you are manifesting it yourself, then how can it be real? But of course, if anyone is familiar with quantum physics, it is the exact same thing. Quantum physics has successfully theorized that in our day-to-day life we create and manifest what we are seeing through conscious observation. This is a generally accepted scientific theory; therefore, if you consider our dreams to not be real because we are creating them, then you must accept that our waking life is also not real. So, with the evidence I have presented so far, we must all accept that either our waking life and our dream state are both "unreal," or that our waking life and our dream state are both "real." Like I said, with the evidence I presented there is no distinguishing between the two.

It's funny because our ancestors once believed our waking life was also a dream. There are so many myths that show our ancestors did not think our waking life was real. Maybe none of this is real? Maybe everything is just a dream. However, it is not as simple as that. What does it mean for something to be a dream? Does it automatically demote it to 'not real?' Not necessarily, and this is the point that I'm trying to get at. We need to try to define the term 'real.' But before I do, let us discuss the science around perception, and our perception of waking life. If anyone has done any research about perception, he or she will know that everything we are seeing is actually just a construct of the brain. We don't actually see with our eyes, we see with our brain. So, everything we perceive is our mind's take on what is actually out there. It is not what actually is out there, though. Once we are in our bodies, we are stuck in them. We can never actually leave them. There is no way of getting out (well, there arguably is, if you believe in OBEs [Out of Body Experiences], but let us not go there, because that is another topic). So, we have to accept that in our current scientific scope of knowledge, we are stuck within our bodies, and we cannot get out of them. So, like I said, everything we perceive is merely our brains take on what is actually out there, but it's not truly out there. To put it simply, everything we see and experience is actually happening within ourselves, not without. An easy way to prove to yourself that what we see is an edited view of reality is to realize that we only see a very small percentage of what actually is out there. Some of the things we don't see are radio waves, micro waves, ultraviolet rays, gamma rays, etc. These are all 'proven scientific fact,' so, irrefutably, we are seeing an edited view of reality that is actually occurring within the brain, not outside of ourselves. So, once this begins to sink in, we have to accept that our waking life is in fact an illusion of the mind. 

What exactly is real, then? Let us try to define real first. I first thought of the definition of 'real' being 'something that is tangible, and solid.' If that is your definition of real, then certainly your waking life is not real, as per the fact that you only perceive objects in your mind. As quantum physics has proven to us, everything we perceive in our waking life through our eyes actually isn't the object, but is an image of it rendered by our brains. Everything we might touch may feel solid to us, but it's just another illusion of the mind. Everything in the universe is pretty much empty. I cannot remember the exact percentage, but it is about 99% of everything in the universe that is just empty space. My second attempt at the definition of real is 'something that awakes a strong emotion within us.' By that definition, you then must define your dreams as reality, as well. Undeniably, we all experienced very intense emotions within our dreams. So, with the evidence I presented, either both dreams and reality are real, or both dreams and reality are not real. Finally, my third thought on the definition of what 'real' is, is that 'real is a constant; a running constant.' Now, this actually does seem like more of a better definition of reality, because reality seems more coherent/cohesive compared to our dreams. However, is the constant we experience in waking life really enough to demote dreams as unreal?

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why I decided to choose the wallpaper I used on this blog.

The reason why I decided to even record my dreams is because of a peculiar dream I had a while ago, I was taking a nap during a regular boring day and the next thing I realize is that I'm on the moon. Dreams are random, I know... but this felt so weird. I'm sure I had this dream because I've been studying dark holes and general astronomy for a while because I love astronomy. But I had a terrifying dream about a black hole that devoured our planet Earth. Anyways, I'll continue with my dream! I was on the moon, and a black hole was in our solar system that ruined the rotation of the moon around the Earth, so the black hole caused the moon to crash into Earth. I didn't wake up from dying though, it's odd because in dreams you wake up from death. (I'll use a term that was used in the movie "Inception") I was in a state of limbo, where I was in a place of nothingness for a while... I sat in the dark alone, hearing the static sound of the universe. When I was in this state of limbo, I wasn't scared or depressed because I was alone, I was depressed because I lost the people I loved. I wake up after that, jump out of my bed and ran to check if my family is there.(The dream was quite realistic, I had to make sure I was dreaming. :P) I learned something from the dream that I didn't know about myself, I learned how much I actually love my family. The things I learned from a single dream were massive, I figured if I started remembering them all I could learn a lot about myself, and others.

So that's pretty much my story, haha. :)

- Smaller version of the wallpaper :)

  And this is the sound I heard when I was in the nothingness(not really, but kind of)

Monday, January 31, 2011

First Entry to my sleeping journal

After this ridiculous dream I had I believe I think I'm going to continue writing about my experiences.

I was on this street with this huge bag of drugs. The street was where the old blockbuster was, it was a dark night kind of like it was about to rain. Headlights passing by me, etc. I was carrying this sac of drugs, it was extremely open and I had felt this non-understanding of what to do, I was baffled and scared. But I realised in this dream that I was trying to sell the drugs. Although I didn't really know how; so a very old, but great friend of mine suddenly passes by. I confront him, and ask him if he can help me sell this sac of drugs I tell him I haven't got a clue on selling drugs. Being that of a great friend, he accepts. Oh and this was a friend of mine in highschool, Chareth was and old friend I had for a while. I don't even know why Chareth appeared in this dream... but he appeared in another before too, maybe I miss him or something. I don't know, lol. Anyways back on topic. He grabbed the sac of drugs from me and started lecturing about where to position, and I followed like a dog. I bitched about how no one will come, and we wont sell the drugs. And then my conscious snapped in or something, I'm like... why am I selling these drugs? I don't want to sell it. But at that time several people pass by and try to hand me money, Chareth tries to give the drugs to them.. But I deny it, and tell him I don't want to do this. So I take it, and walk the narrow road towards the house I live in(the area I was living in had a blockbuster nearby). Although this part is pretty sketchy... because instead of a dreary night, it because a sunny afternoon. Chareth tells me I'm going to get killed by the supplier of these drugs, and I believe him. So I guess I start thinking about telling the police for some kind of protection, and the next thing you know a police officer turns the corner and walks towards us. Chareth yells, run! I neglect it at first, walking towards him. And then, he yells it again. I don't even know why I responded, but I started running the opposite way of the police offer. I must have been a fatass in this dream, but I was using the fence along this narrow road to help me run. I was grabbing it and pulling it to assist me, hoping it'll increase the speed of my dash from this officer. Chareth runs into this house, and I stop and then I get caught from the officer. Chareth gets caught too. Then I think I start sobbing, but then stop. The officer asks for our names. Chareth makes up some name, and I tell him my real name. The officer smiles, and says... "Alex is my name too." I then ask him, where are you from Alex? He responds he's Greek, and I respond oh me too. Which part of Greece? Aspagu (Asparagus, I know that's weird... but I think he said that) or so he said, I don't even know what that means. I told him I don't really know where I'm from, but I was born in Greece. So he smiles at me, and speaks into his walkie saying.. "Don't worry about that Alex kid." I wake up, after that... I'm weirded about this dream... It was such a vivid dream, I realise how these dreams are... they actually feel extremely real, and they've become as vivid as movies you'd see in a threatre.

I think the police officer was me, the one that caught me, he probably realized the kid who he found was actually him, so he didn't bring me into the police station.

Odd, but interesting I suppose.